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Karlín is one of Prague’s most dramatically changing neighborhoods, but it has managed to retain its original charm. In the past nearly 15 years, several architecturally distinctive buildings have been built here, with the input of leading names in Czech and international architecture. New offices and residential projects, new cafes, restaurants, galleries, and shops have mixed with the inimitable atmosphere of the old neoclassical streets and unique industrial architecture that have been preserved in Karlín and been revitalized much better than in other parts of the city. Karlín has slowly become an excellent place for living and for doing business.

The Consortium for Karlín is a non-political, non-profit association of leading companies headquartered and doing business in Karlín. It was founded in 2013. As members of the Consortium for Karlín, we want to have our office in Karlín and to do business here. We also want to spend our free time here, enjoy ourselves, go for walks, and take advantage of the parks, restaurants and general atmosphere of Karlín’s streets and hidden little corners. We show Karlín to our clients and are proud of our neighborhood. At the same time, we want Karlín to become an even better place.

For these reasons, we have decided to participate in the neighborhood’s development. We want to be good neighbors who are actively engaged in improving our neighborhood – together with Karlín’s residents, with the Prague 8 Municipal District, and with Prague’s City Hall.




As important companies headquartered in Karlín, we care how our neighborhood develops. What are our main goals?

We want to be a partner for the Prague 8 Municipal District and for the City of Prague whose opinions and input contribute to Karlín’s balanced development.

We want to participate in the steps that will ensure greater safety in Karlín and that will lead to cleaner streets, public spaces, parks, and other green areas.

We want to support new as well as existing social programs and organizations related to Karlín – either by participating in them ourselves or by helping them financially. We will also support cultural events and sports.

We want to work towards improving the current flood-prevention measures in Karlín and Libeň, with a view towards the experiences from the flooding in the summer of 2013.