Founding members of the Consortium for Karlín:


Regular members of the Consortium for Karlín:


ČSAD Praha holding a.s.


ČSAD Praha Holding is a 100% Czech company whose main activity involves operating the Prague-Florence and Prague-Holešovice bus terminals, including the provision related services. The Prague-Florenc Central Bus Terminal is the largest bus station in the Czech Republic. It serves both domestic and international buses, with roughly 500 departures a day. ČSAD provides all the services regularly associated with a bus station – organizing bus departures, information and dispatcher services, bus parking, and accommodations for bus crews. The Prague-Florenc Central Bus Terminal is visited by around 10 million people a year, for whom ČSAD provides informational, tourist and accommodation services, parking, change offices, left-luggage offices and other services.

ČSAD Praha Holding has roughly 200 employees, more than half of whom have some kind of handicap. The company is a member of the Association of Employers of People with Handicaps.


Deloitte provides advisory services in the areas of strategic company management, audits, taxes, legal issues and financing, working with numerous large corporations, fast-growing companies and public institutions. By combining our knowledge of the domestic market with our extensive foreign experience, we are capable of offering clients a comprehensive and individually-tailored approach to their needs and wishes. Deloitte provides its top-quality services wherever its clients require, and has offices in Prague, Brno and Ostrava.

Karlín has been Deloitte’s home since 2006. As a socially responsible company, we care about the state of our neighborhood, and so we try to contribute to the development of the place where we spend many hours each day. For these reasons, we have decided to work closely with the Consortium for Karlín.


Economia is a publisher of economic and specialized publications and a leading player in the field of online media and the digitization of media content. Economia’s publications, which include the Hospodářské noviny newspaper and the magazines Ekonom and Respekt, are characterized by high-quality journalism, a professional look, exclusive reports, and well-founded analyses. Our journalists and photographers are among the best in the Czech Republic, as documented by professional competitions, reader surveys and the many other awards they receive every year.

Since 2013, Economia has been headquartered in Karlín’s old machine works complex known as Kotlárna, which was converted into offices according to a design by renowned Barcelona-based architect Ricardo Bofillo, whose aim was to emphasize the shape and original steel structure of the tall, single-space, triple-aisle hall, illuminated like a basilica using horizontal and vertical light shafts. The resulting space has no equal as a modern publishing office.


The international real estate development group HB Reavis was founded in 1993. After more than 20 years of existence, the company’s portfolio includes projects for the construction of office, commercial, and logistics property with a total leasable area of more than 670,000 m2. HB Reavis currently employs 400 professionals, manages and is developing assets worth 1.4 billion euros, and maintains a strong financial position with an equity of more than 860 million euros. HB Reavis is headquartered in Luxembourg and is active in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, and Turkey. On all these markets, the company makes use of an integrated sales model that includes development, construction, property management, and investment management.

In the Czech Republic, HB Reavis is headquartered in Karlín’s highly successful and fully occupied River Garden I project. Like River Garden I, the subsequent River Garden II and III projects completed in 2014 respond to the dynamic character of the Rohan Embankment and thus further expand one of the most attractive and most dynamically developing office locations in Prague.


The Hilton Prague Hotel, located on the right bank of the Vltava River, offers 791 hotel rooms and conference spaces with a total area of nearly 5,000 m2. Hilton Prague is the best choice for any company or private event, including conferences, congresses, presentations, or social gatherings. The congress hall has a capacity for as many as 1,500 delegates, the elegant Hilton Grand Ballroom fits 650 persons, and the hotel’s 37 multipurpose salons and meeting rooms all possess the latest technical equipment. In 2013, Hilton Prague was named “Best Business Hotel in Eastern Europe” in the Business Traveller Awards for the fourth year in a row.

Hilton Prague was one of the first modern post-revolution buildings in Karlín. Since it opened in 1991, many new office and residential buildings have sprouted in its immediate vicinity, but even today the Hilton’s timeless architecture fits in with modern Karlín, forming a kind of entry gate to this dynamically growing part of town.


JCDecaux is active on the worldwide outdoor advertising market; every day, its products address 150 million people throughout the world. The company’s mission in the Czech Republic is to offer the greatest possible portfolio of outdoor advertising surfaces and to provide a comprehensive and integrated range of services for advertising campaigns by reaching target groups in both Prague and in other parts of the country. Without a doubt, the company’s qualities include the exclusivity and quality of its advertising surfaces, professional services, and effectively realized advertising campaigns. As a bonus, the company always tries to find unconventional approaches to implementing advertising campaigns. Thanks to these facts, the JCDecaux group is a leader in the field of out-of-home advertising on the Czech market.

For more than 10 years, JCDecaux has been headquartered in Karlín, where it is currently at its second address. During this time, the company has become a Karlín patriot and has actively contributed to its neighborhood’s growth.


logo karlin group

The Karlín Group real estate development company was founded in 1997. Its name was inspired by Prague’s Karlín neighborhood, whose genius loci we intensely noticed from the very beginning. For this reason, we are interested in Karlín and have decided to realize numerous exceptional buildings here, including Palác Karlín, Corso Karlín, Kotelna, Kollárova 14, River Diamond, Corso IIA and Cornlofts Šaldova. All these projects have been nominated for or received prestigious awards in the “Best of Realty” or “Project of the Year” contests. Our company places great value on the highest level of architectural quality for all completed and planned projects. It is thus no coincidence that all our projects are highly valued as investment opportunities.

Although our development activities today are aimed at other parts of Prague as well – in particular Modřany and Prague 2 – we will continue to build and renovate other buildings in Karlín. We aim to be part of the overall development of this originally industrial quarter, which is changing into a modern urban landscape before our eyes.


Kooperativa pojišťovna is the second largest insurance company on the Czech market. It was founded in 1991 as the first commercial insurer in the former Czechoslovakia. The company offers a full range of services and all standard forms of insurance for both individuals and companies – from small entrepreneurs to large corporations. Kooperativa is a member of the Vienna Insurance Group (VIG).

In Karlín, Kooperativa built a representative headquarters for its central office – the headquarters of VIG ČR – into which it and its subsidiary, Česká podnikatelská pojišťovna, relocated more than a thousand employees. Thanks to its unusual architectural design, today the VIG ČR headquarters (also known as Main Point Karlin) is a dominant feature not only of the Rohan Embankment, but of all of Prague. In addition, thanks to the use of unique technologies the building was awarded with leading architectural prizes. Kooperativa is involved in maintaining its surroundings and keeping them clean, and also aims to be significantly involved in Karlín’s cultural development. At the same time, the company is also interested in other aspects of public life such as sports and education.


PRŮMSTAV is a construction company with more than 60 years’ experience in the field of structural engineering. The company is engaged in construction projects throughout the entire Czech Republic, providing comprehensive as well as subcontracting services. In addition to completely new buildings, PRŮMSTAV is also engaged in renovations, modernizations, conversions, and additions. Depending on client need, the company uses standard as well as entirely new materials and techniques in order to always guarantee a high level of quality.

PRŮMSTAV has completed several important projects in Karlín, including the headquarters of the Economia publishing house, the new Forum Karlín, and the Keystone office building, where the company has been headquartered since 2012.


PHAR SERVICE was founded with the aim of providing comprehensive supplier-engineering services, including maintenance. The company’s success is based on its experienced engineers and technicians, who are involved in construction projects primarily in the fields of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, the food industry, and chemistry.

Since 1991, PHAR SERVICE has been headquartered in a renovated building in central Karlín, to which our company has close ties. We feel like a part of Karlín, and want the local environment to continue to improve. For some time now, we have followed the neighborhood’s dynamic development with great joy, and we wish to contribute to a cleaner, safer, and generally more attractive future for this part of the city.


Skanska Property Czech Republic is a real estate development company that has been active on the Czech commercial property market since 1997. Since then, the company has realized numerous projects in Prague and Ostrava, including City Green Court, the first office building in  the Czech Republic to receive a LEED Platinum certificate in the areas of Core & Shell and Commercial Interiors. Another first is held by the Nordica building in Ostrava, which is the first in the Czech Republic to receive an EU GreenBuilding certificate for energy savings.

Starting in late 2015, all Skanska units operating in the Czech Republic will be headquartered in the company's own development project, the Corso Court building in Prague's Karlín district. Skanska has begun to expand its activities in Karlín with the aim of taking advantage of the neighborhood's potential and adding to its unique atmosphere. Besides Karlín, Skanska's activities in Prague are focused primarily within Smíchov and Pankrác.